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Health Coaches & Nutritionists 

Nutrition Group+ is proud to be partnering with the following local Health Coaches and Nutritionists, who we are confident will provide you with a service that really is second-to-none... 
Marcus Morley-Jones 
Lydney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire GL15 5NE 
Sports Therapist  
Opening Hours:  
Brief Service Description / Additional Information: 
I am a qualified sports therapist that specialises in: 
- Genome Testing  
- DNA Nutrition + Microbiome Testing 
- Blood Testing 
- Sports Nutrition  
- Personal Training 
- Sports Massage 
- Lifestyle Management 
I began my career in health & fitness as a rugby scholar, but after a career-changing injury I was forced into early retirement. I then attended Gloucestershire University of Sports & Recreation & The Growth Hub, where I was able re-position myself within the industry as a sports therapist & founder of the NG+ Support Network. 
Despite the misfortune of not being able to fulfil my athletic potential, I was blessed with the opportunity to help others on their pursuit to improve their overall wellbeing or even pursue an athletic career. 
I knew that innovating the industry wasn't going to be easy, so I set out to make the experience of my services as tailored and personalised as possible. 
I guarantee my work and deliver such results through various tiers of comprehensive portfolios and Health Blueprints. This method allows us to uncover your body's complete composition, from body metrics to DNA, in a user-friendly yet effective format. 
By raising the standard of services and information available to you, we make it all the easier to sustain the long term results you are looking for.  
Caroline Buchanan 
Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 5BE 
Health Coach 
Opening Hours: 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday 
Brief Service Description / Additional Information: 
I am a Certified Health, Life & Transformational Coach. I help overworked, over-stressed professionals who may have gained weight and have no time to lose it.  
I help people revitalise their lives and regain energy, lose weight naturally and fast so they can live their life to their full potential without diets or stress. 
Are you running on empty every day? Maybe you don’t know how to get through the day without lots of caffeine or pills?  
My clients get results... 
Sue has lost 5 stone and kept it off for well over a year. She doesn't need to focus on what she eats anymore.  
Sonja has lost 10 1/2 inches off her waist in 4 months, she lives a life where she focuses on being positive every day and now finds herself confident in social situations.  
Helen came to me so tired, not sleeping, not happy in her job and spent her free time with her kids. She has totally turned her life around! She now has unlimited energy, so she has put herself at the top of her priorities, she has joined a choir, she now regularly does yoga, meditation and is planning to leave her job in the summer to focus on what she really wants in life.  
If you can relate to any of these people, then get in contact. 
Claire Hoare 
Blakeney Hill, Blakeney GL15 4BS 
Allergy Testing and Nutritional Therapy 
Opening Hours: Scheduled bookings for consultations & appointments. 
Brief Service Description / Additional Information: 
My name is Claire Hoare and I am an Allergy and Nutritional Therapist based in Blakeney, Gloucestershire. 
I also hold clinics at Love and Light in Chepstow, Viney Hall in Viney Hill and The Garden Retreat, Taurus Crafts, Lydney. 
I have 19 years' experience in treating food intolerance and a wide range of health issues and concerns. My services are suitable for anyone of any age. 
I am registered with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapists, the British Complementary Medicine Association and am a Member of the Register of Allergy Therapists. 
First assessment is free. 
Paul Foley 
Ross-on-Wye Osteopathic Centre, Berkeley House, New Street, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7DA 
Nutrition & Functional Medicine 
Opening Hours: Tuesdays, 2pm-7pm 
Brief Service Description / Additional Information: 
Paul is a clinical nutrionist with an expertise in Functional Medicine. 
The functional medicine model serves as the science to help understand the cause of your health issues, and nutrition will serve as the building blocks for your future great health. 
Sue Thomas 
Gloucester & Worcester 
Nutritional Therapist 
Opening Hours: Scheduled bookings / virtual consultancy 
Brief Service Description / Additional Information: 
Have you failed numerous times at losing weight? 
Are your hormones compromising your enjoyment of life? 
Are your energy levels and self-esteem at rock bottom? 
Do you struggle with monthly headaches or chronic migraines? 
Is your sleep so poor that you wonder how you function on a daily basis? 
Is IBS and bloating making your life uncomfortable on a daily basis? 
Have you been told by the medical profession that there's nothing wrong or there is nothing they can do? 
If you answered 'yes!' to any of the above questions, get in touch today to book a free discovery consultation, and take back control of your health! 
Change 4 Life 
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