Find and connect with the NG+ Health & Fitness Support Network in the Netherlands! 

NG+ has partnered with Young Capital to provide training classes at the Young Capital HQ for the Hoofddorp community! 
Are you looking to get out of the office? 
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NG+ is proud to be working with SQM GYM to help you smash your goals!  
Located in Amsterdam South, Vondelpark, here we offer a very bespoke facility with highly professional coaches for your disposal. 
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NG+ has teamed up with the HIIT Studio, Sloterdijk Station. 
Here we practice the principles of functional training and provide state of the art Personal & Group Training Classes for every level of fitness. 
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NG+ takes the wellbeing and recovery of every client seriously. That is why we have partnered up with the House of Wellness in VEN, Sloterdijk. 
Here we offer a wide range of rejuvenating treatments within a beautiful Cinq Móndes Spa Facility for you to indulge & relax in. 
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What our clients say... 

Best muscle ache in my life! 🥰 
If you would like to wake up in the morning with the best muscle ache in you life (we call it the “Marcus effect”), then you need him! 💪 
The positive mindset and energy this guy has is just astonishing! 
Even after a few workouts I saw immediate results on my legs & abs.😊 
Laura Kuklase 
Great experience with Marcus!! 
I and a group of 8 other online entrepreneurs all work long hours in front of the computer, and starting off the morning with Marcus gave us so much more energy during the rest of the day. 
Easy to see how much knowledge and passion he has for health and nutrition, and you get so inspired by it. 
Highly recommend! 
Andreas Machado 
Feedback for Nutrition Group+ 
Have been using the services proposed by Nutrition Group+ for several months now. 
Really enjoying the professionalism and engagement while preparing sessions or responding to very targeted needs. 
Would recommend further for sure. Thank you Marcus! 

Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot 

Corporate Vitality & Welfare Programmes 

Are you a business owner looking to give their employees a new competitive edge? 
Here at NG+ we offer various tiers of customisable Corporate Vitality & Welfare Programmes. 
Endorsed by the Erasmus+ Institution, these programmes are scientifically proven to significantly improve the Happiness Advantage and overall efficiency of a workforce. 
If this sounds like the type of representation that suits well with your brand and ethics, then get in touch today to schedule a free corporate consultation with no obligation, to trial what we have to offer. 
The labour market of tomorrow is evolving to become something we have never experienced before in modern industries. 
During these unprecedented times, it has become increasingly more challenging for employers to protect their staff's welfare and ensure the continuous success of their company. From global epidemics, recessions, sick pay, inconsistent clients and the list goes on… 
Nutrition Group+ has built up a reputation by supporting companies hardship via Corporate Vitality & Welfare Programmes. 
We offer department, group and individualised support programmes, where the employees are allocated their very own Health & Wellbeing Consultant. 
The candidate can decide what is best for them, if they want to undergo the programme by consulting either online, in person or both. 
NG+ utilises the very latest industry-leading approach to monitoring and delivering employee health and wellbeing. This includes the unique Independent Health Mredical Blueprint. For more information on this, please download our overview. 
How your employees will benefit: 
Gain unrestricted access to the Vitality & Welfare Portal. 
New Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Masterclasses every week. 
Professionally constructed health & fitness portfolio. 
Accountability for the goals and targets they set out with their coach. 
Personalised Workout Regimens 
Personal Trainer 
Nutrition Coach 
Virtual Doctor / Medical Consultant 
How your company will benefit:  
“A company's performance is determined by the efficiency and willingness of it’s staff.” 
With extensive research, split testing, trial and error already having been carried out, NG+ have expertly designed a tailorable programme to promote increasingly productive, present and optimised staff. 
Download the CVP Example to see all references and programme structure.  
Parkinson's Law | Happiness Advantage | Exercise for Mental Health | Exercise for Medicine | Employee Moral 
Use the calendar below to schedule your no fee no obligation consultancy with our corporate advisor. 
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